Monday, April 5, 2010

So Lost...

As my boyfriend is in England at the moment I am trying to put some time and effort into creating more videos and putting up more on my blogs as well as learning the way all this works.  

I guess I just have to start making videos more frequently huh?  And for someone who hates being in front of the camera, hearing their own voice and looking at myself after wards to edit or what needs to actually be done after you're done filming it is very very very difficult!  

Maybe I should start off with those things going around; Tags, tutorials... but on what, I am not a make up artist although I do have a lot of experience from being in a professional ballet career and performing, as well as all the knowledge I picked up along the way (A LOT), film myself do art, I really am lost.  

But I feel I need to get connected with more people to spread the word to make videos that I truly want to start making.  I am probably not making any sense and rambling on but if anyone can help me or give me any pointers I would really really really be so grateful!  

I am one of those people who need to know how everything works before I start, A type personality, perfectionist, organized, precise, doing things right, etc.  A pain in the ass in other words, hah.

Thank you, if anyone even sees this.  Or maybe I am just talking to myself and this is like my on the computer journal...hmmm, so lost in the land of technology that changes too fast and zips by, which makes my life more complicated; technology is supposed to make life more convenient!!!  I gotta learn how this works, I will, just takes time and some practice.  

Start with shit videos or posts and go from there!  

Good night.

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