Monday, April 5, 2010

Wondering, how does this all work?

I am learning about the technological side of things in terms of YouTube, blogging, etc as I would like to share my thoughts with others but I am not the best went it comes to technology; I have had my Apple iphone 3GS for a long time now but still don't really use it and do not know how to input everyone's numbers and save them so I can call them up later on, so my techno gadgets are really more of an inconvenience.  

I would like to do particular kinds of videos on Youtube but I believe it would be nice to have subscribers or an audience to share with before hand so I am thinking to do the usual typical stuff everyone does to get some more viewers and hopefully they will subscribe.  Then I can start sharing with people what it is I am truly interested in creating these videos for; mainly about health and well being, psychological, emotional, physical, mental illness, tools to deal with life, many tips and ways to go through tough life issues we all face.  To bring more positivity, optimism, healthy self esteem, the truth, and the crucial aspects essential in getting through a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.  

Okay my sleepy meds are kicking in so I need to sleep but I hope I can start sharing with others and others will check this blog or Youtube or anything out, as that would be greatly appreciated and hopefully helpful to everyone.

Thank you.

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